How to live - Derek Sivers


I love this book because it’s so easy to read and thought-provoking.

It describes 27 ways to leave your life. Every way is compelling but conflicts with each other.

Here is a (partial) summary of the 27 chapters and the weird conclusion

Be Independent

Because freedom is all you need


Because nothing can be done without focus

Fill you sense

Why have a body if not to use it?

Do nothing

Because that is the only wise thing to do

Think super long term

Never spend, only invest

Intertwine with the world
Make memories

A day that you can’t remember is wasted.

Master something
Let randomness rule
Pursue pain
Do whatever you want now
Be a famous pioneer
Chase the future
Value only what has endured

Yeah, that’s me.

Follow the great book

If you are in doubt and don’t know what to do, following a book's wisdom will prevent you to do the worse.

Laugh at life
Prepare for the worst
Live for others
Get rich
Reinvent yourself regularly
Don’t die
Make a million mistakes
Make change
Balance everything

You are in charge.